KB WhatsApp VS MB WhatsApp

Both of these modified versions come with some awesome features like security; hiding blue ticks, last seen, and scheduling messages. Moreover, they provide you with some extra help with themes and emoji customization.

In addition to these, it offers an anti-ban, anti-deleted, anti-view once, and ad-free experience to its users. But as these are unofficial, you can face difficulty getting updates and security risks. 

Now let’s compare both of these Whatsapps to know which one is the best fit for you. Let’s go!

KB whatsapp vs Mb whatsapp

KB WhatsApp:

KB WhatsApp Logo

This version, developed by Alkasir, is a modified version of WhatsApp, offering unique features and customization. With theme options like Black, Red, Gold, and Blue, users can personalize their messaging experience. Let’s discuss its features.

Generally speaking, KB WhatsApp offers more than just text messages. You can schedule messages and edit typos before they’re seen, making it ideal for sending timely birthday wishes and reminders to friends. It enables the customization of fonts, emojis, and app icons for your personalized chat experience.

Moreover, this moded version enables users to easily share high-quality media, including up to 100 images and files sized up to 1GB, enhancing interaction depth. Additionally, it enhances privacy by allowing you to hide your “last seen” status.

Furthermore, break free from the 30-second status limit on WhatsApp! Share 7-minute-long videos on your status for more expressive storytelling. 

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Anti-Delete Message
  • Chat lock
  • Advance Security Option
  • Account Personalization
  • Incompatible with older devices
  • Risk of being banned

MB WhatsApp:


This WhatsApp is an innovatively modified version of WhatsApp, created by Stephanie. It enhances messaging with unique features like the iOS 14 theme, blending Android and iOS interfaces, attracting users seeking both functionality and aesthetics.

In addition, Mb WhatsApp prioritizes privacy with a range of features offering users precise control, enabling them to keep names, ticks, and messages hidden. Moreover, it equips users with tools for safeguarding sensitive conversations and maintaining a low profile.

Now, users can proactively plan their communication, ensuring timely delivery of messages for various purposes. Furthermore, this WhatsApp version offers extensive customization options for users to personalize their messaging experience, from font and color customization to theme imports.

Typically, it enhances messaging with advanced editing features for modifying or deleting sent messages. Additionally, anti-ban protection ensures account security and improved contact management enhances the user experience. 

Therefore, users can enjoy an ad-free environment, manage dual accounts efficiently, and save statuses easily with WhatsApp.

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Advance Privacy Features
  • Endless Themes
  • Advanced Customization Options
  • Exporting Chat Feature
  • Not Available on Google Playstore
  • Limited Official Support

KB WhatsApp VS Mb WhatsApp:

FeaturesKB WhatsAppMb WhatsApp
Backup and RestoreYesYes
Hide status viewYesYes
MultilingualYes (64)Yes
Theme customizationYesYes 
Hide blue tickYesYes
In-built app lockYesYes
Status downloadYesYes
Images sharingUpto 100Upto 100
file size1 GB1 GB
Video sizeUpto 700MBUpto 700MB
Status upload duration7 minute5 minutes
Status character size250 characters255 characters
Freeze last seenYesYes
Available on the Play StoreNoNo
Anti delete messageYesYes
Hide online statusYesYes
Anti view onceYesYes
Auto replyYesYes
Disable Forward TagYesYes
DND ModeYesYes

My Personal Opinion-Which is Best?

According to my point of view, I would prefer Mb WhatsApp over KB because of its smooth and excellent user experience and top-notch security, featuring an elegant interface resembling iOS on Android. 

The anti-ban technology ensures user privacy and distinguishes this version as a leader in data protection. The option for dual account usage offers convenience, providing a smooth messaging experience. 

Overall, it excels in user-friendliness, security, account management, and limitless features, making it the premier choice for a messaging platform.

Final Verdict:

When deciding between these, users are offered distinct choices based on their preferences and needs. KB WhatsApp, known for customization options and features like message scheduling and privacy settings, prioritizes personalization and communication enhancements. 

On the contrary, MB WhatsApp emphasizes sleek design and strong privacy measures, including advanced editing tools and anti-ban protection. Ultimately, users should consider the unique offerings of each version to select the best fit for their messaging requirements.

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