Best Alternatives Of KB WhatsApp

Kb WhatsApp is a modded version of normal WhatsApp with immense features beyond what the official WhatsApp application offers. Some of the best alternatives we recommend include MB Whatsapp, JT Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, NS Whatsapp, and FM Whatsapp.

There are many more WhatsApp versions, but here we will discuss the top 5 alternatives of Kb WhatsApp and provide you with complete details of these versions so you can choose wisely which best suits your taste.

Best Alternatives Of KB WhatsApp

1) Mb WhatsApp:


MB WhatsApp, developed by Stefano Developers, offers a familiar iOS WhatsApp Messenger interface on Android. While not officially affiliated with WhatsApp Inc., it provides diverse features for users.

Additionally, it supports multiple languages, reflecting inclusivity. It also includes innovative features like ‘view once’ media files that can be seen multiple times. Moreover, advanced privacy settings allow users to manage their online presence, and enable ‘hide last seen’ with a single click. 

This app provides extensive customization options, including hiding names, ticks, and messages. Also, it categorizes chats for easier management and provides a variety of stickers and emojis. 

Users can conveniently copy statuses, schedule messages, and access utilities like unlimited image sharing and auto-replies. Besides this, it provides insights into blocked contacts and a story view feature similar to Instagram.

Furthermore, it addresses bugs and adds anti-ban features for security. Along with this, the no-ads feature creates a smooth user experience. Above all, two accounts can be used together for convenience. Also, you can choose from 3000 themes to personalize the interface. What is Difference Between KB WhatsApp and MB WhatsApp?

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Provides iOS WhatsApp-like interface on Android.
  • Enables dual account usage
  • Provides ad-free, distraction-free messaging.
  • Unofficial WhatsApp
  • Lack official updates and support.

2) JT WhatsApp: 

JT whatsapp

JT WhatsApp offers an array of upgraded functionalities to users of Android devices using an APK file. Notable enhancements include the ability to share larger files, allowing for the sharing of video files as large as 30MB, thereby exceeding the limitations set by the official WhatsApp application. 

This WhatsApp enhances privacy with chat locks, tick privacy settings, and other features for a safer experience. Users gain more control over messaging activity and safeguard personal information. The app also offers an anti-ban system, full customization, media sharing, a status downloader, an app lock, and more. 

Additionally, there are built-in protections like anti-ban and the ability to share up to 90 photos simultaneously. However, users must be aware of potential risks, like downloading from fake sites. Try to get this APK from trusted sources. Despite not being an official WhatsApp version, it provides unique features and customization, appealing to those seeking a personalized messaging experience.

Using modified apps like JT WhatsApp can pose risks due to a lack of official support, potentially leading to security vulnerabilities or bans. Users should weigh the added features against these risks before opting for such modded apps. 

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Enhanced Media Sharing 
  • Customization Freedom
  • Wide Range of Features
  • Anti-Ban Protection
  • Not Officially Supported
  • Limited Support

3) Gb WhatsApp:

GB WhatsApp has transformed WhatsApp by offering exciting features like enhanced privacy controls, theme customization, and advanced messaging tools. The app’s user-friendly interface and innovation have attracted a loyal user base seeking customization and improved privacy.

Particularly, it offers strong anti-ban safeguards, enabling worry-free use. Users benefit from expanded media sharing, allowing larger files. Additionally, users can easily download and share contacts’ status updates, enhancing the overall experience.

Moreover, it supports multiple accounts, perfect for separating personal and professional communications. 

The app offers regular updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements for an awesome user experience. Hence, with advanced privacy settings, messaging features, and customizable themes, GB WhatsApp gives users control over their communication.

Luckily, it allows you to lock individual chats with a PIN or a fingerprint, providing security for your private conversations.

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Advanced Messaging Features
  • Anti-Ban Protection
  • Larger Media Sharing
  • Status Downloading
  • Violation of Terms of Service
  • Unsupported by WhatsApp

4) Ns WhatsApp:

NS WhatsApp, a dynamic alternative to WhatsApp, introduces innovative features of 3D design.

It offers a well-organized status update system, allowing users to view updates within their chat interface, similar to Instagram, for quick access to friends and family updates.

Moreover, it enables the sharing of apps and games and allows users to manage two accounts at once for personal and professional use. 

NS WhatsApp revolutionizes media sharing by supporting sending large files and removing size limitations for the effortless exchange of high-quality videos and documents within conversations.

Privacy and security are top priorities in NS WhatsApp; users can enhance control by hiding online status for a safer, more private messaging experience. Above all, it provides various customization features, such as pin locks and fingerprint security.

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Facilitates sharing of apps and games
  • Supports sending large files of up to 1GB
  • Provides options to hide online status
  • Compatibility issues 
  • As a third-party mod, it cannot receive regular updates 

5) FM WhatsApp:

Fm whatsapp

FM WhatsApp, a popular modified version, enhances the user experience with unique features and customization options by third-party developers.

It offers customizable themes for users to personalize their messaging interface Besides this, it gives users more control and security by hiding online status and disabling read receipts. This modded version has an app lock for extra security, keeping messages confidential, and preventing unauthorized access.

Particularly, it enhances media sharing by allowing larger file sizes and up to 100 images per message, along with video sharing of up to 1GB, simplifying communication and file sharing.

Message scheduling, sending messages later, anti-delete messages to prevent others from deleting, and preserving conversation history are some of the prominent features of this app.

Pros and Cons of this App

Here are some pros and cons of this app

  • Customization of home screen layouts and chat bubbles
  • Support for sharing large files
  • Inbuilt app lock feature
  • Convenient backup and restore functionality
  • Limited integration with other apps
  • Uncertainty about the longevity of FM WhatsApp


Can I transfer my chats and data from KB WhatsApp to these alternative versions?

Transferring chats and data between different WhatsApp versions, like KB WhatsApp and alternatives, can be done using backup and restore features. Follow guidelines to prevent compatibility issues and data loss.

Are there any community forums or support groups available for users of these alternative WhatsApp versions?

Several online communities and social media platforms exist where users of alternative WhatsApp versions exchange tips, solve issues, and discuss updates, offering valuable help and information.

Can I use multiple alternative WhatsApp versions simultaneously on the same device?

Installing multiple WhatsApp versions on one device is possible but not advisable due to potential conflicts and security risks, which can cause data loss and synchronization problems.


Common alternatives to KB WhatsApp include MB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and many others. Overall, each of these messaging apps has its own set of features, advantages, and user bases according to different preferences and needs.

Hence, users considering alternatives to KB WhatsApp can opt for these apps based on security, privacy, features, and overall user experience to find the best fit for their communication needs.

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